Personal Inspiration - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of my biggest inspirations for fashion. She's a talented, wealthy, and influential superstar - and she has impeccable style! It is sophisticated yet laid back. Trendy, yet vintage. Coiffed, yet fresh. She always looks amazing. You could dress her in a plastic grocery bag and she would look ready to attend the Grammy's! So, to help you find your unique and personal style, I will share a few pictures of Ms. Swift as she is out and about in cities like Los Angeles and New York City. She has an extensive, and expensive, wardrobe, and it reflects her personality. Yours should do the same.
 Beautiful look! She may have been arriving back from a dinner date.

The hydrangea floral pattern on this outfit is exquisite, as is Taylor's taste in shoes.
 This summer polka-dot ensemble is eye-catching. That purse is worth a pretty penny!
 The perfect shopping spree! 
 These chunky high heels and striped sweater matched her mauve skirt perfectly. She can stroll around L.A. without drawing attention. Yeah right...
 I love how she is so confident! These silver heels complement this blue floral mini-dress so adorably!

Now, denim-on-denim is a very brave thing to do. But Taylor can literally rock any style! Also: clean white sneakers are something every girl should have in her shoe closet. 

 Notice that Taylor has her purse with her in each photo. That's the mark of a true lady.
 Yellow flowers and green shoes!?! Who knew, right?
 If it weren't for Tay Swift, I would never wear yellow with black and white. 
 Same applies here. But she can totally ROCK booties and casual jackets!
 I just love this country-girl look. It's so Taylor, and so cute.
 She could be a model for perfection. This simple outfit is angelic on her.
  Taylor looks better in a scarf than I ever did!
 She may have been out to shop, but you have to admit she looks like she knew a camera would catch her.

I love this flowy floral romper - it's so feminine and cute, especially paired with those thigh-high beige boots. What a style queen!

 This adorable lavender dress, paired with golden heels and a flowery headband, makes Taylor truly stand out.
 Here's a shot of her with very little makeup on. As you can see, she looks as beautiful as ever.

She is probably heading off to record a new major hit single in this business-casual look that obviously drew a crowd.

Her knack for finding the right colors is incredible. I think this dress, heels, and purse ensemble is especially inspiring.
I adore this vintage pastel look. It's adorable! 

Who said you can't look amazing after leaving the gym?

Yeah, I see you looking so sexy and sassy, Tay Tay. I see you. 

Last look- Here below is an amazing array of different floral dresses we've caught Taylor wearing. 

Taylor Swift is GORGEOUS, never goes out of STYLE, and LONG LIVE her amazing taste in fashion. Also, LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO. 


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