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Spring Is In The Air!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time - I've been super busy! I am also SICK of winter - it's technically spring but where is the spring weather!?!?! no sun or warmth or breezes or flowers. That's why I'm doing a spring fashion post - to help set the right mood for when spring really shows up! once again, my gorgeous sister Kealie modeled some lovely spring dresses for me! I hope you love them. ;)

             Here she is modeling a Children's Place dress, vintage Houston heels, a handmade flower crown, and some fake jewelry. Quite the springtime look, isn't it?

Here she is wearing an Old Navy dress, American Eagle flats, and a Disney Cinderella necklace! Very charming.

 Here she is wearing a limited-edition Target dress from their Alice in Wonderland collection, American Eagle sandals, and another handmade flower crown. I love this pretty spring look!
Below are some fabulous ideas for creating your own unique spring fashions!

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