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Spring Is In The Air!

With spring on the rise, fashion receives a revolution. We put away our snow boots and dig out our sandals. We fold away our thick oversized sweaters for next year and find our flowy cardigans and foral prints again. It's so much fun to see fashion awaken to spring!

Bright colors and pastels are back - and aren't we glad! Over winter. as well as back in autumn, all we see people wearing are naturals, blacks, whites, grays, etc. Just earth tones. Very nice for a time, but gets boring. I LOVE COLOR! I want to see pops of color everywhere again - pinks and greens and yellows and reds and blues and purples and oranges!

Wide-legged pants and shorts will be around. Suit jackets for men and women are in - instant style that's also perfect for work. Simple heels, thigh-highs boots, and simple sandals are in style right now - NO gladiator sandals!!

Moving on from shoes, let's look at accessories. BIG EARRINGS! BIG, BIG, EARRINGS!!!
Necklaces? Everyone is wearing jeweled chokers…

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